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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This past week, I took a field trip out to Westport, CT to visit a shop called Terrain. Terrain is actually a garden+ outdoor store. Along with home decor and garden supplies, they sell jewelry and accessories. Not only will you be able to plant your orchids, you'll be able to look fierce while doing it!
Terrain is actually a division of the mega-brand URBN. URBN brands include Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, and Free People. So far, Terrain only has locations in Westport, CT and Glen Mills, PA. I've been fortunate enough to go to the URBN headquarters and Terrain keeps with that same rustic concept. You walk around the store and it is all wood with hints of hardware decorations and pipings. The theme of the store is very natural and verdant. Terrain is like the "cool kids" version of a home and garden store!
The space of the store in Westport is quite large. The interior is all open spaced with sections diverted to  home decor, plants, and accessories. It is finally starting to feel like fall and the store embraced that with the large display of pumpkins. The colors of greens, oranges, and yellows in the plants embraced the upcoming fall colors. Along with the indoor space, there was a patio filled with all types of plants and an area of outdoor seating for the restaurant. What made this store extra special was that it had a restaurant/ cafe in it. They had a cafe with pastries, expresso bar, and sandwiches. The other option was to have a sit-down meal. I was part of a lunch meeting and we made reservations for the restaurant. We were seated outside but the fall weather came a bit early. The winds started to pick up, the rain drops started to fall, and black clouds rolled in. The restaurant quickly got us a table inside. (Thankfully the rain didn't ruin anyone's hair!) Tables were placed near the cafe and into the store to accommodate every customer. The store has enough space that even with a few extra tables nobody felt confined. The food was delicious though! I had a grilled chicken salad and my other lunch goers had burgers. The food was really fresh, the colors on the plate were vibrant, and it tasted wonderful.
For anyone that is interested in gardening then this is a must-stop place! They had an abundance of plants for everyone's tastes. The home supplies fit into the trend of being natural and whimsical. If neither of these fits your needs and your more of a fashionista, their accessories section is for you. The accessories keep with this rustic theme from canvas totes, printed scarves, and pendant jewelry. This store gives you such inspiration from all the smells and colors. The fashionista's and gardeners of the world can all appreciate this store. It's a must to plan a field trip to one of their stores!
Terrain is on "Lexa Likes" list!

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